Send Out Cards Offers Bundled Packages

Send Out Cards Bundled Plans and Packages

Send Out Cards  I have been part of the Send Out Cards family since 2004, just about as long as they have been in business. Many features and products have been added over the years but the focus of the company–it’s heart and soul– has been steadfast.  Creating a system that allows a person to easily acknowledge promptings or special moments, changing the world one card at a time is what this company is all about.  Send Out Cards has streamlined their retail packages for greater value and convenience and those changes are shared  below.

Bundled Plans and Packages

  • The Business Bundle is perfect for anyone who wants full control over the power of SendOutCards features and benefits for their business.  $795 (USD) total value of $1,100.
  • The Marketing Bundle is ideal for the business owner to keep in touch with clients and customers.  Real Estate agents, for instance, could acknowledge special dates such as an anniversary or birthday, or share a listing complete with pictures.   $395 (USD) value $474.
  • The Personal Bundle designed for those who appreciate being able to send a card or gift anytime of the day or night to acknowledge special moments in the lives they care about. $195 (USD) value $213

A $50 distributor option can be added to any of the bundled packages.

Whether your interest is becoming a Send Out Cards Distributor, a business owner wanting to harness the power of a greeting card to build his business, or someone who simply wants an easy way to keep in touch, Send Out Cards can meet your needs and then some.  I look forward to talking with you. Visit our site today and send a free greeting card on me!


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