Promoting Yourself–Key To Being a Good Salesman

A Good Salesman is a People Person

salesmanMy Dad was a natural born salesman—a “people person”.  He grew up in South Dakota in the 20’s and 30’s with 7 other siblings. He was the speaker, the one the other kids went to if they needed a sermon, such as a beloved pet’s funeral.  He had the ability to put people at ease and he possessed a genuine quality of honesty, making it easy for others to believe and trust him.  During the 60’s, he became one of the top car salesmen in the Seattle Zone.  A lot of what makes a person an effective salesman or marketer is their ability to sell themselves.  Dad sought to serve each customer or potential customer in the best way possible, without preconceived judgements.  This is illustrated in the following story.

A Good Salesman Looks Past the Obvious

Back in the 50’s, dad was just beginning his career as a car salesmen at our local Chevroletcar showroom dealership. The salesman rotated who would be up next..meaning who would be responsible to greet the customer as they came through the door.  This particular day the door opened and in walked an older couple…their attire was worn and simple.

A Salesman Seeks to Satisfy the Customer’s Needs

The salesman who should have helped them, took stock of their appearance and decided they were probably just browsing.  My father, looked past the attire and warmly greeted the couple.  They were looking for a new car so dad assisted them to find just the right car to suit their needs.  Just imagine his surprise when it came time to pay for the car and the wife reached into her bra, (really!) and pulled out a roll of bills!  The bills had a musty smell, like they had been buried in the backyard.  She counted out the amount for the vehicle and returned the rest safely back into her bra.

super chevy serviceThe salesman who had passed up helping the couple, realized his costly error in judgement.  He tried, to no avail, to get part of the sale.  After all, he was the next salesman up so they should have been his customers, right?  Wrong! Fortunately, the owner of the dealership wouldn’t hear of that.  Dad was a people person, he looked past the appearance to the person and he cared about them.

People like to work with others that they trust and believe in. Whether you are a car salesman or building a business online, possessing the ability to sell yourself as someone others can believe and trust, will serve you well on your road to success.

A Successful Salesman Keeps In Touch with His Customers

Dad recognized the importance of keeping in touch with his customers.  If the dealership got in a car or truck he thought a particular customer might have an interest in he would let them know.  He kept track of the cars or trucks that his customers bought and he would also follow up after the sale.  He continued to build his customer base through referrals and leads.  Today, there is a wonderful system that enables a salesman and other professionals to keep in touch with their clients and/or customers through the power of Greeting Cards.  It also works great for keeping in touch with family and friends.  See for yourself how easy this system is to use and all the handy features it has.  These are REAL greeting cards sent from your computer and if you click here you can try the system for yourself, FREE.  The following article shares additional information about this time saving greeting card system.

The story I shared here is one of my favorite memories of my Dad.  He was a man of integrity.  His handshake was as good as a contract.  He understood it’s what’s inside a person that counts.  Qualities not as readily found in today’s business world. Dad’s career spanned well over 30 years–with the same dealership–advancing from salesman, to used car manager, and finally to general manager.

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2 Responses to “Promoting Yourself–Key To Being a Good Salesman”

  • Kathy Clark on February 19, 2014

    Debi, thanks for sharing this story about your Dad. It is very inspiring. Such a great lesson in Marketing and Sales.

    Kathy Clark

    • Debi Jones on February 19, 2014

      Hey Kathy,
      Thanks for reading my article. It’s definitely near and dear to my heart!

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