Does Your Browser Pay You To Browse?

Getting Paid To Browse With Your Browser?

Are you getting paid to browse with the browser you are now using?  It is fast, secure, and FREE!   Smart Media Technologies  offers a full range of training, education, 1-to-interactive help, and a high speed secure browser that pays you to use it.  Many of these features are free via a simple download to your desktop,  making it handy for your to access anytime. MEDIA CENTER DESKTOP.

Media Center Desktop–Where You Get Paid To Browse With Your Browser

The interactive technical help is just ONE  of the MANY features of the Smart Media Desktop.  It is a FREE download from the creative folks at Automatic Geek. GET YOUR FREE Smart Media Desktop.  It offers the Training, Education, and Support to make computers fun and easy for all.  You can also download the Smart Media Technologies browser that operates faster and is more secure than the Top 5 browsers!!

In the case of our guy in our picture with the ailing computer,  the Smart Media Desktop offers REAL TIME Professional Interactive Assistance to diagnose and correct the issue as you watch right from the comfort of your home or office.  But that is just a small part of the benefits and resources of the SMART MEDIA Desktop.

Besides a FREE Browser, Smart Media Desktop Offers:

  • 1-on-1 Training on an array of software programs such as Excel and Windows7.
  • Computer Help–Assistance for your computer issues in real time
  • SMART LIBRARY offers Educational How-To Videos on subjects such as Facebook, Twitter, Windows 7, and Word Press
  • Awesome FREE Software Download–guaranteed to be free of spyware,  and malware
  • INTERACTIVE Media Center allows one to ask questions about computers, the internet, marketing, and social networks just to name a few
  • Ultimate Marketing System for Any Company.  Including a Multi-Media video message delivery system that sends directly to your members desktop.
  • Viral Marketing-–put your banners and ads on your desktop and give it away free!
  • BROWSER–download free from your Smart Media Desktop.  This is not just any ordinary browser! My Web Browser PAYS ME!  Also, it is up to 5 Times FASTER than any other Web Browser in the World… And it is Safer and More Secure than any of the Top 5 Web Browsers! Get Your Free Smart Media Desktopand it will PAY YOU TOO!
  • MY University–Like going back to school. Courses in Physics, Organic Chemistry, Calculus, to mention a few

My Web Browser Pays Me to Use it and it is  up to 5 times FASTER than any other web browser in the world

All this and so much more is available to you anytime of the day or night, 365 days a year.   AND how would you like to market a service that no one else in the world offers?  Just click on More Info

Now that I have piqued your interest it’s time to DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE Smart Media Bar and start using the fantastic browser and take advantage of all the other features available there.  It is a Resource that EVERY person who spends time online, whether you are building a business or just hanging out, can benefit from and will refer to again and again!

  Smart Media Desktop is a Resource You Will Refer To Again and Again!!!

My only question—WHAT TOOK THEM SO LONG!!!  So run, don’t walk and download your FREE Smart Media Bar Desktop TODAY and be sure to also download your FREE browser so you too can start getting paid to browse.

Smart Media Technologies offers a unique business opportunity.  There are many markets that have a need for this product.  SO settling on a niche should be no problem.  While you are visiting our site to download your media desktop take a few additional minutes to view the video.

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