Article Directories Benefit Article Marketing With Free Traffic

Article Directories Can Deliver Free Traffic

Article Directories deliver Free traffic to your site–is it Possible?  You bet!  And in an economy where every penny counts, Free traffic that can impact the bottom line of your business is welcome news indeed.

Unlike other media outlets such as TV, radio and newspapers, which generally only use content from professional writers–on the internet, anyone can publish.   Article marketing is a way of taking advantage of that freedom and using the medium as a way to bring visitors to your website or blog.   So, how does it work?

You write an article. A typical article will be between 250 and 750 words long. It will be carefully focused round a specific area of expertise; the writer’s niche and use keywords relevant to the writer’s intended audience.

It will also often contain a numbered or bulleted list for clarity and ease of reading.  Once your article is to your liking, it is now time to publish it.

Article Directories— A Great Partner for Article Marketing

There are hundreds of article directories, where a writer can publish almost any article. Most are free to use, but  more specialized ones charge a small fee. One of the biggest free directories is Ezine which carries the work of nearly 70,000 writers.

The directories are organized into multiple categories and the article writer decides which category to publish under. You are also encouraged to attach a group of relevant keywords to your article and also to include your personal or business details and a link to your site in your “resource box”.

The “resource box” is a brief paragraph about you and/or your work which will appear at the bottom of every article. The article directories employ a team of staff to approve each article before it becomes available on the web.

So how does this drive traffic?   The directories are very content rich and have high rankings in the search engines.  With high ranking comes increased traffic.  Often your article may be spotted there and an interested reader might click on your link and come through to your website.

However, the real purpose of the article directories is to provide a place for e-zine publishers to find free and relevant content. Every day, editors of a huge range of subject specific e-zines, visit the article directories and download new articles that are relevant to their audience.

This saves them time and effort by not having to do the writing themselves. The only stipulation made is that they must publish the article in full, without editing and always include the author’s resource box and retain the links intact.

Article Directories Brings Important Traffic Generating Back Links To Your Site

How does this benefit Article Marketing?   Over a period of time, a single article can easily be found in many different places on the web, each time with a valuable back link to your website or blog.

This  not only leads highly targeted visitors to you but also helps to improve your search rankings and can greatly influence the success of your business.  SO make sure Article Directories are part of your Article Marketing efforts.



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2 Responses to “Article Directories Benefit Article Marketing With Free Traffic”

  • Kathy Clark on February 20, 2011

    So true Debi, Backlinks and Traffic are so important to us all. I am going to look for some Article Directories, Thanks for the reminder.


  • Chuck Bartok on February 20, 2011

    I have never used Article directories before. Will take the time and study.
    I really like the format of your blog

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