6 SEO Tips For Your Business In 2016

With millions of blogs and websites available round the world, competition for visibility in search engine result pages is highly intense. It is important to realize that no matter how many social media accounts you’ve opened for your website, if you don’t have the right vision and stick to it, chances are you will notice a decline in the traffic flow to your site. So, what do we have for you in 2016? We are in a dynamic world and things change very fast, if you’re used to the SEO methods that have been in existence since the internet broke into the world, it probably won’t work in the contemporary world. The era we are part of is a digital world where even a 10 year old boy can set up a blog and succeed without any hassle. Listed below are the simple 6 SEO techniques for your business in 2016.

1. Conduct Keywords Survey For Words That Rank Well for SEO

This is a strategy many bloggers do not utilize as part of their SEO keyword search. Decide what topics you want your blog to focus on then surf through the internet to find some popular websites offering similar services to yours. Scan the site and select some keywords to use when writing posts on your site. This strategy will save you time by utilizing proven keywords that are ranking well.

2. Think Before You Write

Your website’s design may play a big role in attracting attention, but that is not SEO. SEO can only be achieved when you use the best keywords for your article, and then your blog will be visible in search result pages without any hassle. Create amazing articles with eye-catching titles; never copy-paste from other websites, but you can use the idea and create your own content. And most importantly, make your articles clean, use simple English, and make them free from grammatical errors.

3. Use The Focus Keyword In Article Title

If you have a “focus keyword” that you want to use as SEO-friendly phrase be sure to include it in the article title.  Also use it within the content and on as many subheadings as possible. Many people make this mistake and that is why they keep falling back behind others who do it right. Moreover, note that the focus keyword density should not be more than 2% in any way.

4. Do Not Make The Article Title Exceeds 70 Characters

In case you don’t know, the viewing limit of characters that will be visible on your listing is 70. You are not advised to use more than 70 characters in your title words if you want your website to be frequently visible in search engine result pages.

5. Update Your Site Regularly For Best SEO Ranking

One thing many bloggers don’t realize is an active blog always stands in the best position to get the notch and ranked better in search engine result pages. The more you keep posting interesting articles on a regular basis, the more traffic your site will attract the better the SEO results.

6.  Install An SEO Plugin To Ensure Best Article Optimization

Installing a plugin or program that analyzes on-page content before it is published, lists the strengths and weaknesses of how your article merits with factors that are search engine friendly. SEO Yoast, a free wp plugin, looks at the content of your article to see how search engine friendly it is. Good factors it already has are listed and given a green dot while those that are lacking are listed with a red dot.  Reasons are clearly explained either way.  SEO Beast is also another content analyzing program with the option of buying a license to use on one blog or a license to use on many blogs.

In conclusion, there are many tips available for search engine optimization.  The 6 listed here, if utilized, can greatly improve your chances for a favorable SEO ranking, increasing the traffic that will flow to your site.

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